Never give up on your marketing

“It’s hard to beat a person
who never gives up.”

Babe Ruth (1895-1948)
American baseball player currently holds the No. 3 spot for the most home runs of all time with 714

Keep this in mind in your day to day marketing efforts. To often we spend so much time planning and then give up to soon to see the rewards. If you have a marketing strategy, see it through. Believe in your business,. Believe in your plan. Believe in yourself. And never give up.

Jeff Beale
Mind Behind

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6 Responses to “Never give up on your marketing”

  1. Rod Newbound Says:

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  4. Heidi Burmeister Says:

    Babe got it right, and so do you. Way too many business owners pull the plug early because they want “instant” success. No pro athlete or fortune 500 company got it over night. It came when they stuck with a plan, and never, ever lost sight of the goal.

  5. smartblogg Says:

    When there are multiple Lines of Business how do you manage marketing ? and that too when there is restriction on huge spend

  6. lionwish advertising Says:

    Too many companies are pushing away marketing as an expense that can be cut. In these tough economic times, companies need to really focus their message and see things through.

    Being in touch with the consumer has costs, but when do companies finally cut the cord and part ways with marketing expenses?

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